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David Lynch's Art in Terrifying Retrospective

David Lynch is a man with a finger in every pie; he’s a pioneer of avant-garde filmmaking, a prophet of transcendental meditation, a recent musician, and an aficionado of damn good coffee. But the fact the he is also a prolific visual artist is a tidbit of information known only to the most devout of his followers (of which this author is most certainly one). However, it will be a secret no longer once the very first museum retrospective of his life’s work titled The Unified Field will open next month at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Lynch is known for creating some of the most important films in cinema history, a body of work that includes the nightmarish films Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Dr., and the beloved cult TV series Twin Peaks. But before he ever picked up a camera he had been painting his entire life, a hobby that quickly evolved into a career after he enrolled at the academy in the late 60’s.

Some may be wondering, are his paintings as horrifying and strangely funny as his films? Duh. Potential highlights are an animated painting that features casts of Lynch’s head projectile vomiting, a three panel work that has a matchstick boy setting the canvas alight, and a screening of every single one of his films that will run in tandem with the exhibit at the Philadelphia Film Society. For Lynch, the mad genius that’s inspired fear and love in us all, it will be a homecoming fit for a king.

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