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Public School is a brand proudly created in New York and helmed by business partners Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne. Milk Made sat down with the returning Made designers to discuss the genesis of their brand and how it feels to be championed by Anna Wintour.

You worked in music before becoming a designer. How did you transition into fashion?

Dao-Yi Chow: When I was graduating high school I was interning at Sony but I was also DJing and producing tracks. Hip-Hop music led me into fashion just from how people wore their clothes. Our clothes are about showing that one moment you walk into a room and all eyes are on you.

What’s it like being supported by Anna Wintour?

Maxwell Osbourne: At first you would think Anna Wintour would be intimidating but she really wasn’t, she’s very knowledgeable. Winning was an honor, it just proved how much hard work we put into our career.

Tell us a bit more about winning the CFDA Designer of the Year award. Did you have a strategy?

DC: During the competition Max and I spoke about not bringing in anyone special like a performer to show the collection. We wanted the clothes to speak for themselves and have our personalities come through. We’re laid back so we don’t really take ourselves too seriously.

How did you and Maxwell meet?

DC: We used to work together at another menswear company. He was on the design team and I was managing the design team and we worked together for three years. It grew into a friendship and I left the company and he left shortly after. We worked on a couple of freelance projects together and we just decided we should do something of our own.

Why did you guys want to become designers?

MO: We couldn’t find clothes we wanted to wear! After working with Dao from Sean John and doing trade shows we just decided we needed to take a chance and make clothes ourselves.

Public School will be showing as a part of MADE Fashion Week on Sunday, September 7th

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