Feeling the Vibes with Corey and Marc

They’re young, they’re creative, and they have the talent to back it up. Visual artists Corey Damon Black and Marc Kalman, still fresh after growing up together in Coral Springs, Florida, the pair were enlisted by Milk to adorn the walls of some of our studio spaces for MADE Fashion Week. Milk Made sat down with the duo to get to know these two young upstarts a little better.

It’s clear you’re both visual artists, from music videos to your upcoming installation here for fashion week. Is there a particular medium you would say is your forte?

CB: We’re always going to have a love for cinema, so I guess that would be my forte.

MK: It’s hard to say. Everything’s kind of crossed over for us, we’re definitely multi-disciplined you could say.

Did you both have formal training in art? Would you recommend it to aspiring artists?

CB: No. I went to art school for a year but ended up dropping out. It is definitely helpful for so many other people, but it just wasn’t for our style. I actually dropped out of school to make a video for Amtrac because they wouldn’t let me take a week off to shoot it. I would urge kids to really listen to themselves and their close friends. Everybody has their own highway of life so just strap in and go.

MK: I would say no as well.

What do you do if visually something is not quite acclimating to your idea?

MK: Burn it.

CB: Yeah, let it go. Just gotta let it burn and evaporate. Get rid of their energy, it’ll come back.

If you could describe your aesthetic in three words what would they be?

CB: Do it yourself.

What inspires you?

MK: Life in general.

CB: Music is a huge inspiration. I could get inspired just sitting here. The vibes. People that take risks and are happy with success or failure. And Stanley Kubrick. Seeing 2001 was a religious experience. I owe everything to that film.

When did you first realize you were destined for the visual arts?

CB: When I was a kid. I would always watch Back to the Future and ever since I’ve been infatuated with film. My grandfather was always in the arts so I’ve always been surrounded by it, I’ve always lived in the creative world.

MK: I was very sheltered, so I still don’t know honestly.

What would you say is the most challenging part of your job? The most fun part?

MK: It’s challenging to be yourself. That’s the most challenging.

CB: The most fun part is doing whatever the fuck we want. Everybody around us supports us so we feel very blessed. The fact that everybody keeps allowing us to do this shit is amazing, and very humbling.

In your opinion, what is the quintessential music video? Thriller?

CB: I would say Michael Jackson had the best music videos of all time. But for me personally probably Nirvana‘s Heart Shaped Box.

Who are some of your favorite artists and why?

CB: I’m going to say both visual and musical artists for this question. I have to say our friend Travi$ Scott, I think he’s the most influential artist of our generation. Other than that, obviously Kurt Cobain. Visual artist would have to be Andy Warhol. Or Dali. Anyone who was able to produce a life’s work of contributions to the creative world.

What’s it like making art as a team compared to individually?

MK: There’s not really any other way we could do this. We talk a lot about playing to our strengths.

CB: I don’t know a lot about fashion, but he does, but I’m great with photography. At the same time we’re individuals, all of our knowledge is from our own DIY mentality. It was always us collaborating with other artists for real, it was a vision that we all wanted to create together. What we wanna do is say how people feel, and be able to cross that over through art and fashion and film. I feel like we’re Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. When we make it, we know it’s right.

Can you give a hint for our Milk audience as to what they can expect from your work on Made Fashion Week?

CB: I don’t want to say much because I want that element of surprise. I think they can expect to be transported into another realm.

Corey and Marc photographed exclusively for Milk Made by Kevin Jude. Additional artwork by Corey and Marc

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