Tim Coppens Show: Sharks and Wolves?!

Bringing the debonair precision of European design into sleek, ready to wear fashion on the streets of New York, Tim Coppens not only has an eye for style but a head for practicality in his clothing. Milk Made spoke with Tim and learned a great deal about his creative process, his strong love for The Stone Roses, and what we can expect from his upcoming show at MADE Fashion Week.

What was it like transitioning into the New York fashion scene after leaving Belgium?

I left Belgium a while before moving to NY and lived in Germany for a couple years working for Adidas at their headquarters there. It was interesting to see the corporate side of fashion, it helped to build the business of my brand. But I also want to keep pushing things conceptually. So living here and having my Belgian roots feels like a good mix.

Your clothes have a very striking sense of practicality. Is that a goal you have in mind when designing?

I always try to design with the person wearing it in mind, that doesn’t mean that I always design with a purely wearable / practical mind set. That usually comes a bit later in the process…I like to edit down the pieces I design and sculpt them until it feels right.

If you could design an outfit for anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Ian Brown, the way he looked 20 years ago.

Your designs have often been described as ‘athletic.’ Are you a sporty guy?

They have an athletic sensibility that fits well in a fast moving city like New York. I try to do sports regularly, it keeps me focused.

What’s your creative process like in coming up with the concept behind each collection?

Its pretty random. I see something, anything that triggers some first silhouettes and I create a concept parallel to that. I had been listening to a lot of Ian Brown before starting Spring 15 and looked back at this whole Manchester vibe.

What can we expect from you show this Fall?

Sharks and wolves.

Tim Coppens Spring Collection will be debuting on Sunday September 7th at MADE Fashion Week.

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