Jeff Koons' Entirely Virtual Artwork

Jeff Koons has always been one for surprises. From erotic photography of his marital lovemaking to stadium-sized sculptures of kittens, he has always been an artist who is impossible to anticipate. So even though it shouldn’t, it comes as a surprise to hear that Koons has created his first entirely virtual artwork.

Made in collaboration with biannual publication Garage Magazine, the new piece is titled ‘Lady Bug,’ and is indeed 100% digitally rendered. Viewing the piece however, is nothing short of an Easter egg hunt. In order to see the work, one has to purchase a physical copy of the magazine as well as download the accompanying app, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Once downloaded, the viewer then has to use the app to scan the pages of the magazine, only then can the artwork be seen. Whatever device that carries the app must be pointed at the magazine at all times; so it is not an artwork to be downloaded to one’s phone but rather a digital reader for a piece of art encoded in the pages of the magazine itself.

Given the complicated process to access the piece, very little is known about what it looks like. But #tbh we don’t really care, Garage Mag is so cool that we can’t really ask any questions. Complex enough? Yes. The closest we’ve come to art via Tron? Seems to be. Koons-esque? Inherently.

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