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Welcome Muzse

With the afternoon light of Chelsea Piers filtering onto the 8th floor of Milk Studios, Coco Rocha takes to the mic. Rocha is flawless with dark lipstick, deep eye shadow, and slicked back hair. She begins talking about “two worlds [she’s] very passionate about,” technology and fashion, and how until now, she didn’t know the best way they could co-exist. Until now, of course, refers to the creation of MUZSE, a culture and technology collaboration between Milk and Intel and the reason why we’re all in this room. Rocha introduces her friend and Creative Director of Milk, Mazdack Rassi, who takes to the mic to further explain the project.

“[MUZSE is] the first culture and technology platform of its kind made possible in part by the innovation and insight of its founding partner, Intel, that will allow both tech evangelists and design mavens to manifest high-performing, aesthetically driven objects designed for us to stylishly navigate our hyper-connected world," says Rassi. The project is a platform for Milk creators in fashion, music, sports, and visual arts to explore their creativity through various outlets, like attending labs, summits, and other exciting developments that would allow them to create the best and latest innovations in design and tech, “from wearables and 3-D printable apparel to…tech-optimized products,” as the press release states.

The project sounds amazing, and–in true Milk fashion–ahead of the curve. Excitement in the voices of the speakers (which also included Adam Joseph, co-founder of LEGS Media and MUZSE, and Ayse Ildeniz, VP of Business Development and Strategy, New Devices Group, Intel Corporation) is tangible and infectious. “Intel is thrilled to be a founding member of MUZSE,” says Ildeniz, “[it] will provide a platform where we can experiment with ideas in culture and technology unlike ever before.” And if it’s anything like all other hubs Milk has successfully created, then there is no doubt MUZSE will be a leading achievement.

MUZSE event photographed exclusively for Milk Made by Chris Swainston

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