Fuzzy Dude Invades MADE FW

MADE Fashion Week and Tumblr joined forces to bring a group of diverse bloggers–from technically trained photographers to die hard design fans–to the front row. Out of the bunch, John McLaughlin aims to knock the largely intimidating world of fashion off a notch or two from its pedestal with his quirky animations.

Are you trained in animation, or did your blog start as a hobby and turn into something more?

I’m actually trained in animation. I went to the Savannah College of Art & Design and I studied motion graphics. I’m a motion designer in advertising by day, so this is a pretty great bonus gig. Last summer I decided to start putting my own personal animation work on Tumblr and people liked it, so I kept doing it. It’s sort of a hobby but…

It’s a "not work because you like it" sort of thing?

Yeah, exactly.

So the little monster prominent in a lot of your work is an original design. Does it have a name?

It doesn’t have a name, but yeah, it is [an original design]. I just started messing with a 3D program and the hair texture and I started adding different shapes and stuff. I’m always experimenting with 2D and 3D techniques, whether it’s something for work or personal. It all just came about from trial.

How did you become part of MADE Fashion Week with Tumblr?

I don’t know, actually. I guess I have a pretty good following on Tumblr and the staff re-blogged one of my posts once, so I got to meet a lot of the people that work there, so they invited me this year. I take all of my own images—I’m a hobbyist photographer, I guess. I’m not really good at it but I know enough to get by, so I shoot everything then I come back [to the media room] and animate it.

Why did you choose the monster, out of all of your designs, to place in your fashion week gifs?

Mostly because I wanted to bring fashion week down a notch. When I think of New York Fashion Week it’s a very high-end and pretentious, exclusive thing. I thought it’d be fun to incorporate my weird, unusual animation style against this very high-end thing that people can’t really touch. I wanted to make it more approachable. Fashion week on Tumblr, generally, seems weird because it’s a younger audience but I thought adding animation would make it more digestible.

Check out John’s work above and follow him on Tumblr for more coverage at Made Fashion Week.

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