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1/26 — Photo by Mitchell McLennan



Hats Off to Parsons

The Parsons MFA show debuted 11 fresh designers ready to make distinct contributions to the street style world and beyond.

Kicking off the show, Jaipei Li showed oversized neoprene, carefully braided and knotted to perfection. Shoes and a stand-out top bore the saying "I try to find myself."

Ammar Belal‘s collection made us hopeful for a time machine to take us to 1970s Bali, part of Mick and Bianca Jagger’s entourage. Mixed-and-matched patterns were emblazoned with the image of a stoic baby. More than anything, we’re wondering what was given to that baby to make it stay still for that photo.

In a surprising, and definitely over due, ode to Missy Elliott’s iconic "Supa Dupa Fly" puffer suit, Jessica Walsh stunned with menswear fit for club kids and neo-goths alike. Walsh paired layers in monochrome with black leather work boots bound with silver spikes.

Amelie Bahlsen’s flowy dresses had fabric mimicking food coloring being dropped into water. The bold colors dispersed to the edges of the fabric, topped with white transparent sheaths. Model’s necks were wrapped with what looked like lucite tubing, a definite statement necklace if we’ve ever seen one.

Bringing things back to neutrals, Natallia Pilipenka showed shades of grey in rich, heavy fabrics. We’re placing bets that the slew of cocoon-like knits will be a surefire hit amongst It Girls and homebodies alike.

Throwing things completely off course, Xiaotian Zhang opened with an orange dress so bright, Lil Wayne’s bling would be offended. Swirls of purple and turquoise were topped with gumball-like beading. The real stunner was the mix-and-match shoes–fuchsia paired with navy, neon green paired with orange–topped with strips of faux-fur and beading.

The message of Bei Kuo’s collection: Love with heart. The saying was repeatedly announced through the sound system and emblazoned on pieces throughout the collection. Long silver trenches and black and white separates were paired with an unexpected choice of footwear: metallic Crocs.

The most graphic–literally, the shapeless shift dresses were covered in striking photographs of nature in its various states–of them all was Lako Bukia. The football-like shoulder padding added a strong detail to otherwise soft and free-flowing fabric. Ankle socks paired with pointed stilettos had parts of images projected on them, making the photograph complete when worn together.

A hit no matter the season: denim. Matthew Dolan showed oversized, denim fraying at the edges paired with white and cream knits. We can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t dive into Dolan’s true blues and ocean-sized sweaters that look soft enough to wrap a baby in.

Pauline Choi nailed her lesson in layering. Mimicking a mille-feuille, transparent layers of black, beige, and white were carefully embroidered with technicolor thread. Underneath tapered shorts were full-length socks. We have a feeling Choi may catapult faux-look man-leggings into a street style staple.

To close out the show, Alan Oakes brought us back to our grandmother’s sweater drawer in the absolute chicest way possible. Royal blue and green metallic fabrics laid next to black and navy knitwear, topped with plexiglass beading.

Check out the top looks from the MFA grads and keep your eye out for their names in headlines and best dressed lists to come.

Photography by Andrew Boyle, Koury Angelo, and Mitchell McLennan

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