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1/23 — Photo by Koury Angelo



Public School Tears It Up

When electronic artist Twin Shadow stepped out of the crowd to switch on a tape recorder and strap on a guitar, we knew we were in for something big. Public School’s SS15 show was an event, from the roster of A-list attendees, which included Anna Wintour, Miguel, Joe Jonas and Will.i.am, right down to the heaping mounds of white confetti that littered the runway. The collection was an exercise in neutrality, a black and white composition only broken by the occasional flash of blue and grey. Mesh tunics and leather vests were infused with futuristically corporate pleated skirts and wide legged pants, dizzyingly Rorschach-esque patterned overalls and electric blue cubist shirts were a visual spectacle, and the addition of crisply laden garrison hats on the models lent an air of militaristic, if not Bolshevik, precision to an already unquestionably polished show. Can we do it again?

It was so good to see you guys; your show was amazing. Is there any chance that you will take over another brand?

Well, I don’t think we have taken over our own brand so far.

What was the concept behind this collection?

This season’s idea was about distortion, disorder and how you live in the space of chaos. It starts out as a uniform and the usual Public School look and taking us out of of own comfort zone with bringing in the shapes, colors and silhouettes, and it’s really about the view of distortion.

Is there any chance that you guys will ever show at another space, or will you continue to be our veteran designers and show at Milk?

Even if we keep growing we would love to stay if Milk can hold us all. (laughs)

Is there anyone you would love to have your pieces on?

Oh yeah, so many—like Rihanna and Olivia Wilde. I mean we want to work with a lot of famous artists and actors/ actresses, so our list could go on.

Photography by Koury Angelo, Mitchell McLennan and Faisal Mohammed

Interview by Bari Suzuki

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