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No one really knew what to expect from Public School’s SS15 show except to expect madness, so when a spotlight turned on to reveal George Lewis Jr.—aka Twin Shadow—walking from his front row seat to a white soundboard and a white guitar in the middle of the runway, we knew this would be a highlight of the season. Public School’s military-inspired collection was amazing—check out our recap and gallery—but the real statement piece was Twin Shadow himself, who was sporting a white PS shorts-suit, black shirt, and a black garrison hat. We talked to Twin Shadow after the show to talk about his amazing performance, future plans, and his relationship with Public School.

How did the approach from Public School come about?

Well, I’ve been doing music for the guys every single show but this was the first time when I was actually in town, so we decided to do a kind of a combination of the typical music that I make for them and then adding a live element. So that came together very fast, actually.

Did your music come as inspiration to them? Is there a close connection between you and their clothes?

Yeah, we’ve been kind of working really closely together for a long time now. It’s been like almost three years since before they took off, and I’ve just been a part of the process. They came to me early on and were saying that I was a muse to a collection of theirs and I was like, “What are you talking about?” And I went over and they had like all these pictures of me on the wall and it was cool, ‘cause they—to me—are so forward that I take cues from them all the time.

Are you going to catch any more fashion shows this week?

I think I might be fashion show’d out. I saw Robert Geller yesterday—that was amazing—Harbison…but I think I’m done. I think I’m in party mode now. The after hours.

What are your future plans? Are you going on tour soon?

We’re not going on tour just yet. We have a new record coming out. We have a lot of big things happening at the top of next year, so we’re kind of in hibernation right now.

Photography by Koury Angelo

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