Stolen Moments with Dev Hynes

The strangely captivating atmosphere of the Eckhaus Latta SS15 show was the perfect place for creative minds to gather, so we were only slightly surprised to see one of Milk Made’s favorite musicians, producer and Blood Orange’s Devonte Hynes, in the crowd. We stole a few brief moments with Dev before the show started to see how he was enjoying this year’s Made Fashion Week.

So is this your first show at Made Fashion Week this year?

Yeah, it is…(laughs)

You have a very distinctive style. Would you say fashion is an important part of your aesthetic as an artist or person?

Nah, not really, actually. But I like to look good! That’s the extent of my fashion knowledge.

What brings you to Eckhaus Latta in particular?

I’m here today because the guy who designed this stage is someone I’m doing an installation with in Philadelphia—it opens on the 19th of this month.

Is this your first Fashion Week?

No, I’m always in Manhattan around this time so in some form I end up doing something. I like it. I view it—how to put this—like the World Cup. When England got knocked out, I can still enjoy the World Cup, and I kind of view this the same way. I’m not involved but I can still enjoy it.

What did you think of the runway show?

I thought it was amazing!

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