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Ohne Titel—All About Cool Surfer Girls

Dust off your surfboard and…lace up your stilettos? Ohne Titel brought a perfect balance of sophistication and sportswear to their SS15 show. Monochrome neoprene and mesh were accented with cerulean blue and rose-y pink. Bikini tops paired with netted crop tops and accented with marble notebook-esque panels could easily go from beach to dinner party, as proven by their pairing with both leather shorts and low-slung tapered pants.

The knee-high, lace-up shoes added a city warrior aesthetic to the otherwise beach-bound clothes. Our favorite pair are black, but the white and pink pair are a sweet and candy-like option to soften up the geometric tailoring of some of the dresses.

Models wore low set buns with custom headpieces by milliner Gigi Burris. The lighter-than-navy blue headwear, a strip of feathers, were fastened at the nape of the neck.

Check out our backstage and runway look at the collection, as well as our chat with the designers, Alexa Adams and Flora Gill.

If you could describe this collection in one sentence, what would it be?

AA: Hmm. I think it’s about a cool, chic surfer girl. And I guess that’s a sentence. (laughs)

What’s the runway experience like for you?

AA: I feel like the runway show is very exciting, but the lead up to it is always stressful.

FG: But by the time we actually get to the runway what’s done is done. So it’s just about seeing the reaction of everybody wearing it, seeing everybody in the same room wearing the same looks. It’s exciting.

You’ve said that you primarily use artists as the inspiration behind a collection, was there a particular artist behind this season’s look?

FG: Yeah! And she was actually at the show today! Her name is Bianca Pratorius—she does these beautiful pieces that are cut felt that creates this fringe draped in sort of an unusual way. And all of our pieces with that draped sort of fringe were inspired by her in a way.

So Ohne Titel means "Untitled" in German. How did you come up with that name for your brand?

AA: It’s so funny you ask that, that’s an old one. When we were first in college, we had our very first inclination of playing with the idea of it.

FG: We knew we didn’t want to use each other’s names. Then we discovered and loved this artist named Anslem Kiefer’s work, and most of it was untitled. So we thought that Ohne Titel would be so much more interesting than using our own names. It makes it more about the clothing.

AA: And it’s very nice to have the focus be on the clothing, more so than our personality.

Photography by Andrew Boyle, Koury Angelo, Mitchell McLennan and Faisal Mohammed

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