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1/23 — Photo by Koury Angelo



First Look at Collina Strada

A wood-paneled room at The Standard transported guests of Collina Strada’s SS15 collection far from the urban landscape creeping in behind floor-to-ceiling windows. The collection, inspired by scenes across the globe from Yellowstone National Park to English floral gardens, oozed understated girl-on-the-go.

Hillary Taymour, the designer behind the brand, talked to Milk Made about working with artist Cara Stricker and Blood Orange’s John Kirby to bring waterfall-sounds downtown and showing for the first time at MADE Fashion Week.

Can you describe your brand in one sentence?

No…[laughs] I have to think about it! Um, just easy, wearable clothing that can fit into anyone’s closet.

So who would be the ideal Collina Strada girl? Either a real person or an idea.

I want to dress people comfortable in their own skin; a girl who can just throw something on and look great, but it’s just jeans and a t-shirt. My girl is very nonchalant but then just throws on one piece and it’s like, "Wow!"

The collection was inspired by grand national landmarks. Did you visit them during your design process?

I’ve been to a few of them, but I used images. I usually use my friends’ work [for inspiration].

How did your collaboration on the soundtrack with John and Cara come about?

I’m friends with Cara and it kind came naturally. I needed a DJ and asked her if she would do it and she said, "Yeah, but I want to be like Valluna." I wanted to go to the country and make these cool nature sounds. Collaborating with friends is very New York—that’s just what happens. It’s fun and easy.

Any final thoughts about organizing your formal entry into Fashion Week?

It was so lovely working with Milk. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I can’t really complain for my first show. I’m pretty happy with it.

Photography by Andrew Boyle, Koury Angelo and Mitchell McLennan

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