Jeremy Scott on Miley, Models & Making a Statement

To say Jeremy Scott’s SS15 presentation was madness would be an understatement, but it came as no surprise, seeing as the collection wouldn’t just showcase fashion’s favorite wild boy’s new pieces but it would also debut his collaboration with Miley Cyrus, who created jewelry and accessories for the show. We talked to Jeremy Scott post-show to pick his brain a little bit and to get to know how the pairing (which is a match made in heaven, if we’ve ever seen one!) came to be.

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

I was really thinking about music festivals and a beach bonfire, just dancing outside with no roof above and just the night and music and having fun and youth culture—all of that kind of combined.

What was the design process like?

The approach to the prints and the design of the clothes is really always very organic, in a natural way, it’s like “I like this and I don’t like this” and I don’t really like to worry about how it mixes because that’s not the way I dress. That’s not the way I buy my clothes. My closet has different moods, and how do I infuse that? And so I just made things individually and I just kind of broke the whole process apart to do it differently, and I was like “I’ll figure out how this goes together later” and let it not match exactly and feel more organic and natural instead of like a perfect organization.

Your casting was quite different, and you had said you wanted the show to center on cool individualistic kids rather than typical models. What was the thought behind that?

I wanted the show to not look like a model army, I wanted a unique array of beauties, you know I didn’t want them to look like models, I wanted them to feel like cool kids that you see at a festival and you’re like “Oh shit she’s amazing!” You don’t care if she’s 5’2” or if she’s 5’11”, it’s just like “Do they look cool?” and I really wanted to have that feeling to it so it was a very organic process and it was a very different process for me.

How was it like working with Miley?

I was at her house looking at the stuff she showed me that she was making and I was like, “Oh my God, this would be so perfect for my collection, would you consider making the jewelry for the show?” And she was like, “Absolutely!” And the next day I was like, “Are you sure?” and she said, “No I really want to do it! I hope you’re serious!” and I was like, “I’m serious!” and that’s how we started doing it, and she just made everything herself, made by hand. She kept sending me pictures…she kept Instagramming some bits and pieces to her fans along the way but they didn’t really know what was going on, and that was kind of cute, seeing the whole process come together. It was exciting.

Jeremy Scott and Miley Cyrus photographed exclusively by Andrew Boyle for Milk Made.

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