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1/16 — Photo by Mitchell McLennan



First Look at Maria Ke Fisherman

If Princess Leia ever needed to hire someone to dress her galactic wedding, then Maria Ke Fisherman’s SS15 collection would surely cover the bridesmaids and groomsmen. A strong sense of duality pervaded the show, both in the equal display of men’s and women’s apparel and in the dichromatic scheme of stark white with jet black. Pleather was the material of choice in nearly every outfit, be it boots, vests, jackets, crop-tops, or unbelievably tight pants. Just as tight as the pants were the delicately woven cornrows and braids that dominated the scalps of the models almost as much as their dominatrix clothes took a hold over us, serving up kinky nurse and 24th century butcher shop realness. If this show is any indicator of the coming season, then it is going to be one naughty spring.

Photography by Andrew Boyle and Mitchell McLennan

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