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1/27 — Photo by Andrew Boyle



First Look at the Blonds

By the time The Blonds’ SS15 runway show kicked off, the room had become a bona fide costume ball, an ambience that continued for the duration of their captivating and flawlessly fabulous presentation. The aesthetics of this season’s collection was like a multicultural curio shop : part quinceañera, part retro pajama party, part Siamese souvenirs, and all of it breathtaking. Like a work of fine Rococo art, it was decadently ornate and teasing while remaining sumptuously tasteful. Highlights included several dresses with representations of Our Lady of Guadalupe (one even lit up!), a golden headpiece that was pure Bangkok bewitchery, flower bouquet shoulder pads, and every model decked out in silky, opaque pantaloons. Combined with the fog machines, a soundtrack so varied it had a Moulin Rouge/Iggy Azalea mash up, and wigs that weighed a metric ton, it was spectacle perfected to the level of art. To help process the show we snagged a couple questions with Phillipe and David Blond backstage:

If you could sum up this collection in three words, what would they be?

DB: Gangster genie glamor.

PB: There you go. You nailed it.

How essential is the runway show when making your collection?

PB: It’s different. It’s about where a designer gets a show, it’s about what’s in your mind, and there’s always so much going on in our head. There’s no other way to translate it or make people realize it unless they see it live.

DB: You get our full vision; you get the hair, the nails, the make-up, the shoes, the music. It’s something that can’t be done by someone else.

This collection had some of the most intricate pieces I’ve seen all week. How long did the construction process take?

DB: It took a long time.

PB: It depends. Some things took months, some weeks. We’re used to working in a fast-paced environment, so it was nice to be able to take our time.

What was the most difficult part about making this collection?

DB: For some reason, this one was actually easy. Very easy and very smooth. For once we were actually early.

PB: Which was weird.

DB: Yeah, it was more disturbing than challenging that we had it done so easily!

Photography by Andrew Boyle, Koury Angelo and Mitchell McLennan

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