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Fashion Week in Motion with Mr. Gif

If your screens came alive checking out our coverage of Made Fashion Week SS15, then you were probably experiencing the dizzyingly surreal work of the visual collective known as Mr. Gif. Curious as to how the duo were so effortlessly able to master the milennial medium of art, Milk Made sat down for a brief chat with the pair about their work, their humble beginnings, and how they think ‘gif’ should be pronounced.

What made you choose gif-making as an artistic medium?

Through necessity. It kinda found it’s way to us more than anything. One day back in ’08 I wanted to draw a pig, but then I wanted to see the pig pee. So I made my first gif of a pig peeing. Mom was not amused.

How did your work lead you to create collaborations for the fashion world?

Valentine Uhovski, the man with the master plan. Also thanks to places like Milk who understand the gap between irl and the web and how it is getting smaller and closer everyday.

What makes the perfect gif?

The ones that turn you inside out and keep you up at night.

There’s a controversy regarding gif’s and the pronunciation of the word since there was a release saying it’s actually pronounced “jif” like the peanut butter. How do you guys say gif? Hard “g” or soft “j”?

We’re hard G’s. We say it like how we learned it. It’s tough for us to unlearn or relearn a word we’ve been saying incorrectly for the longest time, I guess. We like hearing both ways out in the wild, just don’t correct us.

How did you two meet?

At school, FIT. And later on worked as coworkers at MTV. We smoked the same cigarettes and read a lot of the same comic books.

Who has been your favorite collaborator so far?

Fashion wise, MM6. They are after the same things we are in some ways, so there were subtle parallels we were able to tap into and play with. Also Anthony Bourdain, because he showed us a damn good time. Would re-up. Fact.

What would be a dream collaboration?

Picasso, Warhol, Haring, Sagmeister, Milton Glaser, Jim Henson, Wayne White, Thom Yorke.. or maybe the MTA. Would love to fuck with those screens one day.

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