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Burning Man at Black Rock City

Summer is over, festival season is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about Burning Man. As much as everyone thinks they know all about the liberating paradise, it is hard to really tell what goes on at Burning Man until you are physically there. Reading and research always work, but the box full of surprises can only be opened on the playa. The way to prepare? Open your mind as far out as it will go. Yes, it is a music and arts festival, yes, the outfits are out of this world, and yes you are stuck in the middle of the desert and have to survive with what you bring with you.

As part of tradition, fire ceremonies take place where people literally and metaphorically burn the old to make room for the new. That can range from the artwork to letters and thoughts. Extreme weather conditions set the mood for an intense experience, where one minute you can see in front of you, and the next you can’t. In an ideal world, we would live like that all the time. Dressed up, blissed out, surrounded by incredible works of art, and relying on self-sufficiency. While we are far away from that reality, it is a gift to be able to experience life like that, at least once a year.

Burning Man has been happening for almost 30 years, though it has changed and evolved with the times. This year, around 65,000 people headed to the Nevada desert in the August heat to experience the magic. Some camps have turned into pop-up boutique hotels, celebrities can be seen making the rounds in their dusty bicycles, but the true spirit of Burning Man is alive and kicking. Here are some of our favourite shots of this year’s burn.

Photos by Evan Novis shot for Milk Made

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