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A Reluctant Farewell to Darkside

In wake of The Knife declaring their end and breaking our hearts with their spilt – this past weekend marked the end of four powerful years of yet another electronic duo, the incomparable Darkside. After an ironic social media ‘paper trail’ last month and announcing their "last show" – it is confirmed that "this is the end, for now" for the band. The collaborative partnership of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, Darkside seamlessly brought us deep house and experimental jazz together in one progressive musical union, and they will be missed by many.

This sad news comes after last years debut album from the duo – Psychic, that solidified Darkside’s elusive approach to their work, that of quality over quantity. Listening to the development of these two strong musical opinions as they lived as one, left us mesmerized on many a dance floor and immersed by an uncompromising new age primal sound. Brooklyn Masonic Temple had the honor of saluting these two last night, as they played their final show together in New York City to a room of captivated fans. This may be the end for now, but in the meantime the deep, soulful beats of Darkside will keep pulsating through the speakers of many; as we pay homage to the voice of a new generation of electronic music.

Photographs exclusively for Milk Made by Sarah Bassett and Franco Castillo

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