Gaultier Permanently Ends Ready to Wear

Sorry French fashion fans! In a surprise move, design legend Jean-Paul Gaultier has announced that he will be henceforth discontinuing his line of ready to wear clothing for both men and women. It’s a bold move, one that has fans of his more accessible clothing wondering what could have spurned such a decision after nearly 40 years of refining the RTW world.

The answer seems to be that he just doesn’t want to anymore. Citing reasons such as an uncomfortably breakneck pace of production and the restraints involved in commercially focused fashion, the designer has said that he will now spend all of his creative efforts on his haute couture designs and the continuation of his perfume line. His final ready to wear collection will be shown at the end of the month during Paris Fashion Week.

We understand if people are upset, but how mad can one be at the man who invented Madonna’s cone bra? (Answer: not that mad, bow down). Do not despair in the discontinuation of Gaultier blazers and skirts, relish in the fact that more and more A-list apparel, cone shaped or not, will soon be gracing the runway.

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