Natural Koncept tour diary part 1

The day after the world premiere of High Class Creepin’ in NYC Boner made history with this ollie over the rail in Bed-Stuy. What a way to kick off the tour! Photo: Reiff
Jose David Velez arrived in the United States from Medellin, Colombia the day before this gap to 5-0 in NYC. photo: Reiff
First stop of the tour: Skate Brooklyn skate shop. Photo: Reiff
The world premiere of High Class Creepin’. Anthology Film Archives. NYC
Dave Davis represents Denver strong with a melon to fakie. Ocean City.
Boner tossed out a steezy stalefish grab in Ocean City.
JZ blunt to fake at Jim Salomon’s backyard ramp in Ocean City. Milk represent! Photo: Reiff
The crew reppin’ Etonic tough!
Boner blasted this melon grab in Indianapolis while our van was getting broken into. Photo: Andrew Hutchison

The first 7 cities on the Natural Koncept “High Class Creepin’ “ 28-day summer tour: New York City, Philadelphia, Fredericksburg, Ocean City, Raleigh, Atlanta, and Louisville were like a dream! Ideal weather, tons of skaters at each tour stop/demo, and most importantly epic skateboarding thrown down by the NK crew, documented day and night. Justin Reiff was shooting the photos and Penguin Pat captured every no-comply, 360 flip, frontside crooked grind, lien air and acid drop on his video camera. It was non-stop RADNESS!

Indianapolis was another story. The police report looked something like this:

3:30 P.M.
12 Passenger Chevy Van break-in, sliding door lock broken off,
4 backpacks stolen, 2 computers, $680 in cash, 1 Colombian passport,
1 Colombia tourist visa, 2 external hard drives, 25 rolls of super 8 film.

A scenario like this is rare. In fact in the last 20 years of touring with Natural Koncept we have never had a break in before. There is almost always someone within a eye’s reach of the vehicle. Not today. Our crew was devastated. Did we really lose all of our footage? I was freaking out screaming at the top of my lungs with disgust and at one point lying in the middle of a busy downtown sidewalk in the fetal position. Literally I had a complete meltdown.

Could this really be happening?

Boner had made history by jumping one of the biggest gaps to date in New York City, just 8 days ago. Jose David Velez aka “Tal Cual” had arrived from Medellin and was on fire getting 5-7 epic tricks a day, Adrian McElhaney filmed a line the day before in Louisville that could possibly close the tour video, and Dave Davis was killin’ it as usual, frontside flippin’ everything in sight. Our whole crew was crushing it. And we couldn’t wait to share this footage with the world.

Nearly 45-minutes had passed before Penguin Pat realized that the video footage of the tour was not stolen and in fact tucked deep in the back of the van in his travel bag. Apparently the night before he had taken footage out of his backpack. This key move saved the trip!

At this point our team collected themselves forgetting about all the money and personal belongings lost in the theft and Hi 5’d one another knowing the trip was back on point. Over the next 2 1/2 weeks and 15 cities we could continue to add juice to the film we were making instead of starting over. We left Indiana to Chicago as fast as a NASCAR driver would kick off a race at the Indy 500.

Here is a glimpse of the first 10 days of the Natural Koncept tour.The full video drops in December.

A big shout out to our tour sponsors for making this dream come true month long tour possible: Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, MILK, Arizona Iced Tea and Etonic shoes.

Photography by Cmart

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