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3 Wine-Infused Beauty Products You Need

Recently, gold, algae, and now wine have been making cameos in the beauty world. Wine serums, creams, and lipsticks are popping up like wine and spirits stores on every corner of Manhattan. With National Wine Day celebrations on our hands (yes, that’s a thing), we’ve been dreaming up all kinds of ways to incorporate wine into our lives. Below, check out a new class of wine-infused beauty products that’ll give us model-worthy-lit-from-within radiance. Yes please. 

CuvéeWe’ve accepted that champagne is a staple at brunch—why not let your hair in on some of the action? Cuvée Beauty, a new hair care line infused with champagne extract, plant proteins, and botanicals, might be the antidote to your hair woes. The six-piece collection features a shampoo, conditioner, deep treatment, styling balm, second-day hair spray, and a protective treatment—sans the champagne hangover.

Boscia Sake Treatment Water to Hydrate and BrightenHere’s a product that takes inspiration from the beauty rituals of the past. Boscia, a preservative-free beauty brand with Japanese roots, has a sake-infused treatment water that’ll keep your skin in tiptop shape and leave you with a fresh-from-the-facialist glow. Saké, a type of Japanese rice wine that goes through a fermentation process similar to beer, produces kojic acid, an antioxidant that works to erase dark spots and discoloration. Not bad, eh?

LabiotteIf Champagne and saké aren’t your thing, maybe we can tempt you to a wine bottle lip tint instead. Korean brand Labiotte, created a collection of wine extract-infused makeup with novelty packaging to match. The long-wearing tint dyes the lips with bold colors that resemble wine hues (like Merlot Burgundy and Shiraz Red), while also moisturizing the lips. The line also includes goblet-shaped lip balms, lipsticks, and mascaras…all in one tiny wine bottle tube that’s cute AF, and guaranteed to last through the after-after party.

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