Bjork favors Scottish Independence

Ever outspoken singer-songwriter Björk took to her Facebook page to show her support in favor of Scotland’s independence. Björk posted the lyrics to her song "Declare Independence"–which makes no mention of Scotland specifically. To make her statement clear, she added a chant of the country’s name:

"s c o t l a n d !/s c o t l a n d !/s c o t l a n d !/declare independence! don’t let them do that to you!/declare independence!/don’t let them do that to you!…start your own currency!/make your own stamp/protect your language"

The song, from her seventh studio album Volta, was originally released and recorded in support of Faroe Islands and Greenland, the two islands ruled by Denmark just as Björk’s own Iceland.

The pop star joins other creatives–including Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Russell Brand, and Alan Cumming–voicing concerns about lack of democracy and patronizing by the British press and government.

The Scottish public still waits on the fate of their union with England. In the meantime, a large portion of the creative arts community joins in favor of Scottish independence. They will likely continue to speak out as part of the Yes campaign, supporting the long anticipated break-up until the outcome of votes is announced.

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