Professor Kanye West in the House

Imagine: first day of classes at Los Angeles Technical Trade College, a community college in the heart of LA, you walk into the classroom for a ‘Business Ethics in Fashion Design’ class, you look up from your syllabus and see your professor, Kanye West, at the front of the room.

Yes you read that correctly. As part of his punishment for going HAM (in a bad way) on a paparazzi last year, Yeezy has to serve 250 hours of community service, which he has elected to serve by teaching. Given the amount of time he must serve, it would equate to roughly a full semester of teaching a college level course.

As cute and rewarding as this may be, we can’t help but wonder how much teaching/learning is actually getting done here. Is it possible for Kanye to talk about anything even remotely resembling a class lecture? Will adolescent students actually be able to sit and attentively learn from the man who named his child after a cardinal direction? Despite the amount of questions it raises, it seems a surefire way for Kanye to get in touch with his nurturing side. Congratulations to every member of his class who can now definitely quote the lyric ‘Yeezy taught me’ for the rest of their lives.

Image courtesy of @TeamKanyeDaily

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