Natural Koncept Tour Diary Part 2

The Uprise skate shop crew was psyched on the premiere of “High Class Creepin” Chicago represent! Photo: Cmart
Jose David Velez brought his switch kickflip from Medellin, Colombia all the way to the Windy City. South American pop! Photo: Cmart
Adrian McElhaney handles bizz with a kickflip 50-50 in Milwaukee. Photo: Cmart
Boner blast a melon in Milwaukee. Photo: Cmart
We organized a running / skate race at every tour stop for free Arizona Iced Tea t-shirts and hats. 3rd Lair Skate Park, Minneapolis. Photo: Cmart
Jose executes a stylish Madonna in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis. 3rd Lair Skate Park, Minneapolis. Photo: Cmart
JZ tweaks out frontside rock in Omaha. The Vault Skate Shop demo. Photo: Cmart
Denver was off the hook! Thanks to Dave Davis for hooking up all the drinks at Tryst! Photo: Cmart
Frontside 270 kickflip by Denver’s own Dave “the Dave” Davis. Photo: Cmart
Boner backflips like a champ in Pacific Beach. Photo: Cmart
Boner backflips like a champ in Pacific Beach. Photo: Cmart
Team photo with the Pacific Drive skate shop crew! Pacific Beach. Photo: Cmart
Jose aka “Tal Cual” had no fear on this frontside 5-0 grind. Pacific Beach. Photo: Cmart

Uprise skate shop was Natural Koncept’s first stop in Chicago. Opening it’s doors in 1997, Uriah Ruda and his crew are the real deal and know every skate spot in The Windy City.

After 2 productive days and nights ripping up Michigan Avenue, The Wrigley Building, the sea wall, The Chicago Picasso and the famed Washington street gap we ventured north to Milwaukee to visit Sky High skate shop. Tal Cual, the newest rider on Natural Koncept, reigning from Colombia, made history with a 3 trick line finishing with a massive frontside 180 over a gigantic double set handrail, nearly hitting a car on the landing. The entire crew was hyped!

We zipped around in our van as if it were a Little Red Corvette in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis. After a killer demo and premiere at 3rd Lair Skate Park we must have hit 15 spots before taking off in the middle of the night on the 6-hour drive to Omaha.

The Cornhusker State, also known as the the birthplace of the powdered soft drink Kool Aid, reached a scorching temperature of 98 degrees during our demo with The Vault skate shop. Fortunately we had an abundance of cold Arizona Iced Tea to keep us hydrated. Boner and Tal Cual pulled the biggest airs of the tour in the big bowl at Roberts Skate Park.

O’Fallon, Missouri and Denver’s tour stops went smooth. In Sin City Cmart and Dave Davis nearly got thrown in the back of the police car on Las Vegas Boulevard. When the police say there is no skateboarding in front of Planet Hollywood they mean it!

Sidewalk Surfer welcomed the Natural Koncept crew with a killer session at Phoenix’s famous park The Wedge. After getting pulled over at an Immigration stop heading west on Interstate 8 en route to California we finally arrived in Pacific Beach, the best beach city in the USA. Pacific Drive skate shop and Transworld Skateboarding Magazine’s Blair Alley hooked up a killer premiere at Bar Pink for our film High Class Creepin. Over the next 3 days we went swimming in the Pacific, skated a bunch of killer spots along the beach and downtown. Two of the best tricks in SD: a 16-stair 5-0 grind and a frontside lipslide by the Colombia killer, Tal Cual. It was unreal how much footage was logged in just 72 hours.

In Los Angeles, Brooklyn Projects unlocked their precious 1/2 pipe on Melrose Avenue for the NK crew and in San Francisco the Haight Ashbury location of FTC skate shop hosted our arrival. Two days later it was official: the 28-day High Class Creepin’ USA Tour had ended. Cmart, Boner, Dave Davis, Adrian Mcelhaney and Penguin Pat took the BART to SFO.

3-days later Tal Cual and I left San Francisco and began the 3,000 mile journey along Interstate 80 to New York City. The biggest highlight of the cross country drive home was stopping in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Look out for the Natural Koncept video dropping in December.

Thanks to Etonic shoes, Arizona Iced Tea and of course Milk Studios for making this unbelievably exciting tour possible.

Photography by Cmart

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