FAVD: The Ultimate Customer Review App

Watch your back Yelp, a foolproof customer review app is on the scene. FAVD is a new app from Adam Johnson and Joseph McMahon that allows anyone to essentially create their own travel guide, providing a service that is far more unbiased and direct than the average review app. Featuring specially curated maps for events like NYFW made in collaboration with notables Lori Goldstein and Darcel Disappoints and an upcoming partnership with Document Journal for Paris Fashion Week, it is set to be the definitive app for all things travel and culture. Milk Made sat down with the creators to talk a little bit more about the workings of the app, as well as their exciting work with this year’s New York Fashion Week.

What need arose for the creation of the app?

The app was conceived while traveling in Japan and being stuck for great non-touristy places to eat, shop, drink etc. We obviously knew that there were great places out there, under the radar, but we had no way to access that information. Like where do you get great coffee in Tokyo? What store do I need to visit? What’s the best new restaurant?

Nothing beats the recommendations of good friends with great taste and we both have friends who have lived and worked in Japan, but we had no way to easily get their recommendations. We came across a guide book that had small curated maps from interesting locals in Tokyo and ended up using that a lot and found some great places. But as we travel a lot, we got to thinking how great it would be to have that sort of information all over the world. So we created FAVD so that we’d always be able to find great, interesting places to eat, drink, shop and stay all over the world.

You mention there is a special "fashion week" portion to the app. How is this going to differ from the app when there is no special event?

The app features a Discover section, which is full of curated maps for special events like Fashion Week – but the main function of FAVD is to follow your friends or people whose taste you trust to see their recommendations (or FAVs, as we call them) on a world map. Likewise, anybody who follows you will see your FAVs on their map. You don’t see any FAVs, notes, or pictures from anybody that you don’t follow, so you’re never influenced by people you don’t trust.

How did the partnership between you two come about?

We’re a couple! Adam is a web and app developer and Joseph is a TV producer. We looked for an app like FAVD and when we couldn’t find one decided to just build it ourselves.

What makes this app different?

FAVD gives you the power to curate your own guide to the world. You set the standard by following who you want to follow. Other recommendation sites and apps force feed you content from users you don’t know and whose taste you have no way of gauging OR they use a tone deaf algorithm. FAVD users have great taste, and they’re sharing cool, interesting stuff all over the world.

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