Exclusive: Jamie xx on remixes, skating, and success

Since debuting in British dream pop band The xx, Jamie xx–whose name adorns Soundcloud favorites lists everywhere–has become something of a remix master. He introduced a generation to Gil-Scott Heron with 2010’s "NY is Killing Me" and has since produced material for Alicia Keys, Rihanna, and Drake, as well as songs for himself. We caught up with the soft spoken artist–who was on a break from recording The xx’s third studio album–at FYF Fest to talk remixes and life without music.

Your remix of “Bloom” is definitely one of the best remixes of Radiohead that’s ever been done. Is there something about remixing that you enjoy more than original productions?

I enjoy it in a different way. There’s less thought goes in it. It allows you to free up your mind a bit. If I’m getting stuck working on my music or The xx’s, it kind of helps to work on a remix because it’s not mine and I can recreate somebody else’s track with my own vision.

Your work covers a bit of everything from Hip-Hop to Rock and Pop. Is that coming from your personal taste or current music trends?

It’s just my taste—when I DJ as well I want to play everything that I like and I go through loads of different genres. My favorite DJs that I go and see also do that—they take you on a journey through all different genres. I think it’s more interesting.

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music right now?

I would probably be skating.. but not well.

At what moment or success of a song did you realize your job is just doing what you love?

Ha! I still don’t believe it.

Jamie xx photographed exclusively for Milk Made by Koury Angelo

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