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Muzse Hosts Its First Lab

A few weeks after its launch, MUZSE, the exciting new partnership between Milk and Intel amalgamating culture and technology, hosted its Style Lab. Held on the beautiful 8th floor of the Chelsea offices, the event began with a social reception. It was a nice opportunity for people to greet each other and chat, and even though the attendees ranged from researchers and engineers at Intel to Becca McCharen, Chromat’s founder and designer, to Waris Ahluwalia, everyone had a similar connection: they were melting with anticipation.

It’s true, the excitement was tangible with everyone asking one another if they knew what was going to happen, as if someone had the golden ticket of information. Finally Mazdack Rassi, Creative Director of Milk, told everyone to find their name card, arranged on the tables like a Bauhaus classroom, and take a seat. He proceeded to welcome everyone, talking a little about MUZSE and introducing an informational video describing what the goal was: creation of ideas, creation of the future. Adam Joseph, co-founder of LEGS Media and MUZSE, took to the mic next, thanking everyone for their presence and introducing Emilie Baltz, moderator of the session.

Emilie was a perfect guide; peppy, smart, excited, and helpful. This is no surprise coming from someone who has been both the former Creative Director of the Museum of Sex, and a member of the founding faculty for the Products of Design program at the School of Visual Arts (amongst her many ridiculously awesome achievements). She presented the keynote speaker, David Rose, an incredible brain who boasts CEO of Ditto Labs, founder of Vitality, founder of Ambient Devices, professor at MIT, and author as some of his successes. Following his presentation, two more speakers took to the floor, Edward Butler, Intel Senior Technology Strategist, and Lakshman Krishnamurthy, Intel Fellow and New Devices Group Director of Applied Innovation Engineering. All three speakers were incredible–smart, funny, and inspiring; each one a key player in the make up of the world as we know it.

Following the speeches, Emilie directed us to what we were actually going to do that day. In groups divided by tables, we were to create an idea for a technological product that would solve a problem we face. The best aspect was that there was no limit to what we focused on (in early development stages one of the groups was considering “God” as a topic, for example) or how we could create it.

After hours of hard work we were treated to the last discussion of the day; a casual and entertaining conversation between Bettina Chin from Opening Ceremony and Sandra Lopez from Intel, led by MUZSE’s own Rey Peralta, in which they discussed the partnership between the fashion house and tech giant which created the MICA bracelet. The conversation presented both points of view on what it’s like to partner with a company that has a different business model but a similar desire to create and evolve. It was interesting to hear how successful these partnerships can be, which is apparent by the end result of their amazing product.

The Style Lab was an utter success and a fantastic display of how mixing innovative thinkers from different worlds can produce not just unified ideas but also powerful alliances between people, a clear indicator that we are stronger and smarter as groups. With more labs to come and more ideas to come out of them, MUZSE is ready to take over the world.

Stay tuned for our in-depth story from each table from the MUZSE Style Lab

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