DIS Curate Berlin Biennale

Calling the New York art scene full of thriving talent would be an understatement. (It’s more like an overflowing toilet of creativity that no one can–or wants to–put a plunger to.) Milk Made favorite DIS, an art collective comprised of Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, and David Tor, is one of many stand-out stars and was commissioned off the coasts of our urban island to curate the ninth Berlin Biennale.

The exhibit, starting in 1998 and occurring every couple of years, allows the curators to choose a theme and artists they wish to participate. Given DIS’s generally non-glossy, pro-Internet aesthetic, the possibilities for the exhibit range from absolutely brilliant to pure click bait–so really, no wrong can be done.

The Biennale doesn’t take place until summer 2016, so in the meantime, get familiar with DIS’s work with their online platform, DIS Magazine. The collective tackles the resurgence of Abercrombie, making niche designer goods "commercial" (see: pinning a Target name tag to a red Bottega Veneta coat), and spotlights one very sentimental teacher who documents his class with cheesy Sears portraits.

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