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1/6 — Fleetwood Mac singer and IRL good witch Stevie Nicks is meant for the wave emoji, for all the unleashing of tears and emotions she does.



Celebs and Emoji Tattoos

Earlier this week, tattoo artist Dr. Woo–of celeb-haunt Shamrock Social Club–instagrammed Drake‘s forearm freshly inked with a replication of the praying hands–or high-fiving, depending on what church you subscribe to–emoji.

The Internet had a pretty split reaction, from totally perplexed to completely unfazed. Us? Our imagination went into overdrive thinking about other celebs and their crack-spirit-emoji tats. We headed to photoshop to make some ideal pairs come to life on headline-grabbers like Taylor Swift to small-screen siren Kerry Washington. And even though we all know a celeb or two who deserves the shit emoji, we’ll let your mouths do the talking on who earns that one.

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