Aphex Twin Shows True Cost of Music

The long awaited return of electronic artist Aphex Twin also brings a twisted look at the finances of the music world. The artist revealed the artwork for his first new project since 2001, Syro, featuring a printed calculation of what it cost to make each individual album.

The cost also depends on its form with vinyl and CD-roms–remember those?!–slightly varying in price. The amount on each album seems pretty insignificant (we’re talking numbers with two or more zeros after the dollar decimal, which is almost always has a zero before it, as well) until you realize the six-page documentation lists over 250 items. Multiply that by about a million albums printed, and you have a large chunk of change on your hands.

Although Syro is still without a release date, we guarantee the wait will be worth it. After all, you don’t want that the £0.02064 spent on sticker application to be for naught.

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