Fast Times With James Nares' Art

There are various ways an artist can manipulate the weight of their hand or stroke of a pencil to create a work uniquely their own, but very few artists go to the extent of creating their own tools. Artist James Nares takes creativity to a whole new level with self-made contraptions like fishing rod/paint brush hybrids to control the width and steadiness of his severely linear collection of new work.

Another mechanical component of his work includes the application of high-grade Chinese ink to his canvases. He uses not-your-average-printer-paper, wrapping it around steel drums that move the canvas like a conveyer belt as he paints. The Britain-born, New York-based artist calls his works, "High Speed Drawing," full of visual spontaneity and artistic precision. An installment of Nares’ experimental canvases can be seen at Paul Kasmin Gallery until October 25th.

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