Twin Peaks Set to Return!!

For the adoring fans of the mysterious masterpiece that is Twin Peaks, they were the tweets heard round the world. Creators of the cult television series David Lynch and Mark Frost simultaneously tweeted out a cryptic message which has started a wildfire of speculation about the show’s possible return: ‘Dear Twitter friends, that gum you like is going to come back in style #damngoodcoffee’

The real fans of Twin Peaks will find these tweets to be direct quotes from the series, both pertaining to protagonist and heartthrob Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan). After an abrupt cancellation in 1991 and a feature film released in 1992 to help tie up loose ends, the world has been left in a lurch without the comforting faces of Dale, Audrey, and even the Log Lady. A lurch that may very well be over when we least expected it.

To have both of the show’s creators tweet the same hinting reference at the same time and place seems suspicious enough, but there is a wealth of evidence that seems to inevitably point to the show’s return. Frost had previously tweeted a picture of Lynch eating lunch with star Kyle MacLachlan, and rumors of a return have been circulating over the past year after an interview with cast member Ray Wise implied as much. The most circumstantial evidence of all comes from the show itself; the last episode featured the notorious Laura Palmer saying “I’ll see you in 25 years.” To help you connect the dots, the show premiered 24 years ago.

In the age of Netflix, the return of a beloved show is not only possible but highly encouraged, so we feel justified in getting our hopes up, the very possibility of a Twin Peaks return has us running as wild as the locks of David Lynch’s hair. In the meantime, it won’t hurt to take one more stroll though the rain soaked mists of that fateful town. Are you getting all of this down Diane?

UPDATE: IT IS HAPPENING. Literally hours after the publication of this story, the above video was shared by Showtime‘s Youtube, CONFIRMING the return of our beloved series in 2016. GET PUMPED.

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