The XX Ripped Off by Hugo Boss

In the latest ‘Big Company Steals Song Without Permission’ fiasco, fashion house Hugo Boss has come under fire for ripping off acclaimed alternative band The XX. Although unlike recent copyright issues, this one revolves less around using a song without permission and more on downright rewriting someone else’s song without permission.

In an ad released for Hugo Boss titled ‘Master the Light,’ we see a bevy of luscious models prancing about in a variety of well-crafted suits and dark sunglasses that have become the staple of Hugo Boss. However the song that they are prancing to bears a remarkable resemblance to the song Intro off of The XX’s self titled debut album.

In the past, in order to avoid receiving licensing for a song companies have skirted the issue by reproducing their own version. While one would think they might try and disguise an attempted recreation, this ad’s music has virtually no alterations to the song written by The XX. The band’s label, Young Turks, has taken to Twitter to voice their outrage, and we can only assume that legal action will follow.

Take a listen to both videos to see what you can make of the eerie similarity. Also be sure and check out our interview with the band’s leader, Jamie XX.

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