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Design For Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution

The umbrella has become the visual image used to symbolize the recent protest movement in Hong Kong and artists from around the world have shown their support by designing logos incorporating the resistance accessory.

The initiative began after local Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong launched a mock competition in search of the umbrella logo that best symbolized the message of the movement dubbed the Umbrella Revolution. Since then entries to her Facebook page have piled in and the top three designs will take out the prizes of ‘Justice’, ‘Democaracy’ and ‘Freedom’ according to the artist.

The umbrella became a symbolic image of the recent pro democracy demonstrations after protesters were forced to use them to shield themselves from tear gas and rubber bullets fired by Police.

It’s hard to consider the Umbrella as anything other than a shield from the rain so the images go a long way in signifying the struggle for democracy facing of the young population in Hong Kong.

We’ve selected some of the stand out logos but It’s not too late to come up with one of your own. Send all designs the way of Kacey Wong’s Facebook inbox.

Check out all our background info on the events of the protests here.

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