Supreme Gets Spooky With Alien Range

The recent release of Supreme’s Fall/Winter collection has shown there are one or two fans of the Alien film franchise in the streetwear label’s design ranks.

A tribute collaboration set to be released Thursday commemorates the late H.R Giger, Swiss surrealist artist most famed for designing the haunting Alien from Ridley Scott’s 1979 film of the same name.

Sure to divide opinion, Giger’s famed surreal and twisted artwork makes for some pretty intense clothing items but anything with a Supreme label doesn’t seem to have any trouble selling. Regardless if these pieces fly off the shelves it represents a fitting tribute by Supreme to the sci-fi genius and legacy left behind by the late Giger.

If these out there designs don’t quite fit your steeze, check out the full Supreme Fall/Winter preview for something a little less directional.

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