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Celebrate MADE Music with Cypress Hill

MADE Music came in like wildfire yesterday, announcing its official launch and making a call for action for musicians to send in their applications (what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!), but the fun didn’t end there.

In order to properly open and celebrate the occasion, guests of MADE co-founders Mazdack Rassi, Jenné Lombardo, and Keith Baptista flocked to Baby’s All Right, the Williamsburg music venue that’s all the rage, and the perfect place to launch the future of music.

At the event, Baptista was clearly excited by the launch of the brand new music initiative, saying, “It’s really important for us to set up a platform which allows us to support artists like we do with designers in our other program.” The other program is of course MADE Fashion Week, which has enjoyed 11 successful seasons.

MADE Music will similarly provide resources to selected musicians that will allow them to develop their career, and although the new venture is targeting music, not fashion, Baptista claims there’s not a disconnect between the two: “I think music is already part of the MADE culture because artists and performances have long been integrated into our fashion week. All the artists we’ve had the chance to speak to have been really excited about what we’re offering.”

The night was truly a celebration of music with hometown band Dreamshow kick-starting the festivities on the stage and DJ’s from East Village Radio, Chances With Wolves, providing the tunes nightlong for what was an absolutely packed attendance at Baby’s All Right.

The crowning moment was the stellar performance by hip-hop veterans Cypress Hill, who after 26 years of being in the music game still slayed the stage by performing bouncing classics like ‘Throw Your Hands in the Air,’ ‘Dr. Greenthumb,’ and ‘Insane In The Brain.’

Cypress Hill didn’t just make the night successful with their performance, but also with their support for MADE Music. When asked if he believed platforms like MADE Music were an important asset to today’s musical landscape Sen Dog said, “Yes I definitely think so because there are so many talented musicians that don’t have the avenues to open doors or meet people. Any help that I could ever give an artist I believed in and helped get signed wasn’t for any financial gain, it was just because I believed they could make a strong contribution to hip hop. The struggle is part of the game and all artists have to go through that.”

The struggle is real but with the launch of MADE Music the struggle doesn’t have to be as unbearable, as the collaboration with American Express will help 8 – 10 artists per year with anything from providing rehearsal space to recording studios to creative direction. With MADE Music officially here the future of music is upon us, now all that’s left is to wait for the first batch of artists to get picked (seriously, go submit your applications http://www.milkmade.com/articles/3068-Made-Music-wants-you-#.VDVhaCldWyc“>now).

MADE Music event photographed exclusively by Andrew Boyle

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