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1/5 — What a cute Astro Boy sculpture! He surely couldn't sell for more than $15,000! Note: He sold for $167,000



Nigo's Most Crazily Overbid Items at Auction

Auction giant Sotheby’s has finally held the highly anticipated ‘NIGO Only Lives Twice Auction,’ a sale that was entirely comprised of items from the personal collection of Nigo, cult designer and extreme collector. The items ranged from highly ornate nick nacks to priceless works of art like Warhol’s soup cans. The most surprising element of the auction seemed to be the wildly overbid items, some sold for over ten times their estimated worth. We picked out some of the more outrageously priced items to allow you to gasp in disbelief and envy, maybe someday you’ll afford art like this.

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