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1/7 — Marina Abramovic and Lars Von Trier: So. Much. Potential.



Abramovic x Von Trier & Other A+ Collabs

Through a very public display on Swedish TV channel SVT, performance artist Marina Abramovic made a short video calling on controversial filmmaker Lars Von Trier to collaborate. What some would hear as an insult, Abramovic excitedly says of Von Trier, "I think you are the most disturbing director on this planet and this is why I’d really, really love to work with you."

We’re hoping her request doesn’t go unnoticed and the two artists create something epic–clearly beyond anything we’re capable of imagining. In celebration of what might be, we’re looking back on some of our favorite art collaborations, from portrait maestro Cindy Sherman and Comme Des Garçons to Iggy Pop and Kesha (yes, really).

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