The Return of McQueen's Savage Beauty

Marking the 5th anniversary of innovator Alexander McQueen‘s death, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum will host the designer’s Savage Beauty retrospective with all of the offerings from its stay at The Met and more.

Opening in March 2015, V&A will present over 30 pieces not shown at The Met, including looks from McQueen’s FW08 The Girl Who Lived in the Tree collection, and a life-size display of 2006’s runway hologram of Kate Moss. The return of Hologram Moss reminds us that McQueen was embarrassingly ahead of the curve–beating Coachella and their Tupac hologram by a long shot. Additionally, V&A will host work from the designer’s early days in London and a more extensive look at McQueen’s accessories, entitled The Cabinet of Curiosities.

The record-breaking event for The Met is set to rack similar stats at V&A with a recording of 16,000 tickets already purchased. Check out the video for historical overview on the mastermind – and if you’re in London don’t forget to buy your tickets.

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