Iggy Pop & Dario Argento To Bring Nightmares

Legendary horror film director Dario Argento and the godfather of punk himself, Iggy Pop, are teaming up to haunt your dreams. That’s right, the man who brought you Suspiria and the man whose stage antics include cutting and exposing himself onstage are in the middle of requesting a crowdfund of $250,000 via IndieGoGo in order to make The Sandman.

If you’re thinking of the folk tale of a sandman who puts sand in children’s eyes to help them fall asleep or maybe even of that #tbt Chordettes’ song, think again! The script will be based on a 19th century German story which tells the tale of a creepy sandman who steals children’s eyes to feed them to his own hungry children in the moon. If this story isn’t enough to get you to just close your eyes and go the fuck to sleep we’re sure the film adaptation will change your mind.

With some of the scariest films under his belt, Argento has chosen Iggy Pop to play the titular character of the macabre thief, and unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know by now that Iggy has acting chops! The rocker has been featured in Dead Man, Cry-Baby, and in Coffee and Cigarettes in a hilarious panel alongside Tom Waits, amongst others.

The duo have released a video to go with their crowdfunding campaign, in which a robed Pop makes a case for the genius of the Italian film director, after which they ask for some financial help in order to get The Sandman made. Watch it and make your own judgment, but if Iggy Pop making the appeal for us to “die horribly together in a blaze of glory” isn’t enough to get you to help with the $$, then there’s no hope left in the world.

“Christmas is coming and so is The Sandman.”

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