Grimes Is Calling Her Own Shots

The last year has certainly been all about girl bosses–or #GirlBoss(es) depending on the church of branding you subscribe to–in fashion, music, TV, and writing. Dream-pop star Grimes took on the matter through an essay published in Rookie‘s newest print installment, Rookie Yearbook 3.

In the confessional, Grimes details what it takes to be a musician beyond the recording studio and green rooms. She says, "I’m the CEO of two companies…this is simultaneously very cool and very stressful." Her awareness of how many decisions fall on her is quite obvious. Her honesty, nothing short of refreshing, extends into a section on weaving through professional relationships and self-confidence. The artist’s best bit of advice, is of course, also the most obvious. "Be nice to the people you work with…because you want them to work hard and care about the thing you are building together." Creating a "yes you can!" environment is worth the effort, if only proven by Grimes’ top-notch public reception. Seriously, have you heard one negative word whispered about the flaxen-haired singer?

You can read the entire essay when Rookie Yearbook 3 drops on October 21, but until then, take one final piece of Grimes’ advice: "If you are tired and you need to be peppy, drinking a bit of straight hot sauce really works." Hot sauce? We’re so in.

Grimes photographed by Bec Lorimer and styled by Paul Bui

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