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The Faces of New York Comic Con

140,000 attendees made it down to the Javitt’s Center on Manhattan’s West side for the annual New York Comic Con, second only in size to San Diego’s mammoth Con. About half of that number comes in some sort of costumed attire, paying tribute to their heroes in the world of film, comics, TV or general popular culture, albeit with an obsessive edge. Quite popular this year was the concept of ‘remixing’ superhero attire into period costumes; Captain America in Victorian era dress, or a Joker tailored not unlike a 1950s greaser was not unusual to see. Deadpool is still by far the most plentiful amongst the guys, but this years’ biggest hit Guardians of the Galaxy added many Rocket Racoons, multiple Star Lord’s and a handful of very ambitious Groot ensembles. Take a peek through some of our favorite looks of the week.

Photography by Andrew Boyle

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