Ariel Pink Dishes on Madonna Collab

Madonna has always been a very resourceful woman when it comes to scouting out the right producers for her albums, in the past she has utilized the production talents of Prince, Timbaland, and most recently Avicii. It now seems that she is drawing on a muse from the indie world to help realize her upcoming album, and she has enlisted the help of none other than lo-fi troubadour and avant-folk priest Ariel Pink.

In a hilariously on point interview with Australian music site Faster, Louder, Pink detailed how this potential collaboration came about. “Interscope are calling me…they need something edgy, they need songwriting. She can’t just have her producers come up with a new techno jam for her to gyrate to and pretend that she’s 20 years old. They actually need songs.”

Other than demonstrating insane bravery at saying such things about Queen Madge, Pink mentioned that he’s “partly responsible” for the return-to-basics emphasis on the craftsmanship in the songs on her new album. Despite bashing some of her previous work, (seriously Ariel, Ray of Light is a phenomenal album), he praised the dame’s earlier work for its attention to detail in its songcraft, saying that the listening public craves more of this kind of quality, or as he puts it “people need more substance in their mac and cheese.”

Whether or not Pink’s songs will make the cut after this little expose is anybody’s guess, but the thought of Madonna getting into the groove with her alternative side is enough to make us quiver with queenly anticipation for her new album. Just watch what you say Ariel, she is not somebody you want on your bad side.

Ariel Pink’s first solo album, Pom Pom, will be released later this year

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