Michael Stipe's New Art Class Gallery

In the latest installment of established pop stars teaching college students, Michael Stipe, lead singer of the recently disbanded alternative giant REM, is giving art students at NYU a chance to understand his creative process.

Yes that’s right, art students, not music students. Before Stipe became a global superstar, he graduated college as a studio art major, and now that his band is through it has given him a chance to get back to his roots. At 80 WSE Gallery in New York, he is presenting a project titled New Sights, New Noise, which his website describes as “a series of intergenerational cross-disciplinary conversations about the ways that cultural aesthetics move through time.”

It all seems a bit meta, but it is essentially a conversion of an art gallery into a constantly evolving, interactive studio space where Stipe will engage with 18 NYU students in developing imagery based on a daily topic and will work to have each student self curate the gallery for a presentation on view for one day only. The results will be on display to the public as soon as each day’s work is done.

Considering it’s an art installation that literally changes every day, we’re still not even sure what to expect from their gallery presentations, but it’s a project that sounds too good to miss out on. We’re also hoping that NYU will accept late registration forms for art student wannabes like us.

New Sights, New Noise will be on display at 80 WSE Gallery until November 8

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