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1/6 — A curiously butch and mustachioed Lorde in 'South Park'



Top 5 Celebrity Cartoon Parodies

Lorde this week proved yet again what a gracefully self-aware teenage popstar she is by not only appreciating the humor of her South Park parody self but by performing the very song her cartoon doppelganger spouted out during the episode. Besides the fact that we’ll be singing “La la la la I’m Lorde la la la la” for weeks to come, it inspired us to think about other celebrities that we not only love in reality but were transformed into something beyond our wildest dreams in their cartoon counterparts. So without further ado, here is our Top 5 Favorite Cartoon Versions of Celebrities.

5. David Bowie in The Venture Brothers: This criminally unknown cartoon on Adult Swim is an acutely realized parody of Johnny Quest and other retro shows about children in high stakes adventures, fighting against an organized league of super villains known as the Guild of Calamitous Intent. The show’s second season finale revealed the head of this organization to be none other than David Bowie, who is also portrayed as a shape shifter, a lethal killer, and the best man at an evil wedding. He made his exit by transforming into a falcon, leading to one character uttering “Dad! The guy from Labyrinth just turned into a bird!”

4. Kanye West in South Park: Despite real life Kanye’s less than enthusiastic response to his South Park representation (it even earned a Kanye twitter rant), his cartoon version remains one of the most ingeniously comical creations in the show’s history. His debut arrived in an episode that saw him ruminating on exactly why he was not a ‘gayfish,’ but his South Park self was so popular he returned in a recent season to explain why his wife, Kim Kardashian, was not a hobbit. We’ll always love you Kanye, but are we allowed to love this version of you too?

3. Richard Nixon in Futurama: Futurama has a roster of celebrity impersonations that would take a Wikipedia list page to sort through, but the most memorable is their send up of former President Richard Nixon. In the show, he has been reelected as a totalitarian dictator of the future United States…and he rules it as a dismembered head in a jar. With a loving emphasis placed on his jowl quivering and a chorus of carefully places ‘harumphs,’ this Nixon is so good that we would vote for him again. (Note, he is not a crook).

2. Jennifer Lopez in South Park: South Park knows how to send people up, but no one was sent up in quite the same way as their representation of Jennifer Lopez. For the majority of her appearance in the show she technically appeared as a hand puppet on Cartman’s left hand, but that still didn’t stop her from having love scenes with Ben Affleck and causing the ‘real’ Jennifer Lopez to get fired in favor of Cartman’s hand. For the record JLO, we’re still waiting on you to record an official version of ‘Taco Flavored Kisses,’ that song has serious hit potential.

1. Adam West in Family Guy: Only from the warped mind of Seth MacFarlane could we have a cartoon version of a 60’s TV star played by the 60’s TV star in question. As the Mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island, Adam West delivers a performance of himself that isn’t quite like anything else on television. From his alter ego super hero Cat Man complete with a cat launcher gun to his unhealthy obsession with taffy to carrying bags full of creamed corn around with him, it’s a version of West that we kind of wish were a reality.

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