A Couture Collection by Wikileaks

The first thing to know when running a covert media operation of international secrets is how to market yourself. Wikileaks founder/director/undercover mastermind Julian Assange knows just how to do it; the company recently revealed that they will be embarking upon a full line of Wikileaks themed merchandise.

While they already have several ironic t-shirts to choose from on their site, this new line will mark the beginning of a bold plan to revitalize funds for their donation-based website. In an interview with the Times of India, Wikileaks spokesperson Olafur Sigurvinsson detailed that the new items for sale includes “high end fashion apparel, accessories, household goods, and paper goods.” He also mentioned that these new products will be specifically marketed in India, “where awareness about Wikileaks is the highest.”

While there is no indication yet as to what this line of Assange couture with matching watermarked paper goods will look like, we’re hoping that Wikileaks won’t lose this opportunity to put Assange’s coy little grin on a sweater, or at the very least a coffee mug. Who knows? They may even incorporate the Julian Assange coloring books that have been floating around the Internet. All we know is that we have new entries on our Christmas list.

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