Kinetic Norwegian Installation Breaks the Surface

A few months ago Danish architects wowed us with plans for Zootopia, and now their neighbors in Norway are astounding us again with their designs. With a new installation that looks like something straight out of Her, design duo Johnathon Lloyd Little and Erik Brett Jacobsen, better known as [ctrl+N](!), have created Breaking the Surface – a jaw dropping kinetic installation.

The duo have teamed up with Scandinavian Design Group, Kontur, Abida, and Intek to create the piece for the oil company Lundin Norway. The installation is comprised of a grid of plastic cylinders that move according to human sensory and is experienced by walking under it, creating a enchanted stalactite feeling.

The installation is amid the Lundin offices and has been divided into three events: first you socialize while getting a peek at the piece, then you walk under it and admire it in all it’s glory, and then you view from above, which enables the design “skeleton” and its operations to be seen. The work is an impressive and beautiful testament to design and tech, and looking at this video is giving us intense FOMO. How much are plane tickets to Norway again?

Photography and videos via ctrl+N

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