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New Kid On The Block: T2 Opens in SoHo

A rainy night in NYC proved the perfect setting for the grand opening of T2, the Australian tea company’s very first location in North America. A cozy store nestled in the streets of SoHo, the opening was less of a party and more of an international all expenses paid tour through the succulent locales where each tea is grown.

Tables placed throughout the store represented individual countries–including India, Japan, and Australia–manned by tea tour guides garbed in correlating costumes. A savory and sweet tea were paired with tea infused hors d’oeuvres for each country, creating a palette as rich and diverse as the countries they evoked; rice-infused green tea, spicy Indian chai, and a completely clear citrus blend known as Bondi, a tea that evoked gasps at the surprise of such flavor in a seemingly innocuous liquid.

The interior of T2’s new location cements their status as the Willy Wonka of tea; brightly colored cubic boxes line the walls from floor to ceiling housing their carefully crafted brews, along with ornate, floral teapots and the full range of accessories, from strainers to caddies. With their rapturously welcoming new storefront, T2 may very well begin converting the die-hard coffee drinkers of NYC to their lovingly crafted teas. Could any drink possibly live up to a beverage like apple crumble iced tea? We think not.

T2 is open now at 67 Prince St in SoHo

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