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Milk's JamRoom Launches Salt & Air

Last night Milk Studio’s renowned JamRoom hosted the calendar launch for Salt & Air, a non for profit black and white oceanic photo series shot and led by NYC based photographer Nicholas Routzen.

The multi-part project was shot in the waters of Puerto Rico and is designed to raise funds for Surf For Life, a foundation dedicated to the betterment of ocean-based communities by way of building schools, health clinics and community centers for children and their families.

Routzen said on the night he couldn’t be happier with the partnership and that to collaborate with Surf For Life was a natural choice. “A lot of their projects are in Central America such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and they just picked up The Philippines. They’re doing incredible stuff for ocean based communities.”

“There’s a cool exchange for volunteers where you get taught to surf for helping out. I grew up in the water so working with Surf For Life was a perfect tie in.”

Routzen, an established fashion photographer and director has been based in New York for nine years and Salt & Air represents his second non profit photo exhibition. The series stylishly captures in black and white the female figure near, in, and around the ocean, sand, and underwater. Milk’s JamRoom was lined with prints from the collection, but Routzen wasn’t giving it all up so soon, with Salt & Air also set to move to LA and Miami’s Art Basel before featuring as a large scale exhibition in NYC early next year.

“It’s broken into a couple of different stages. There is a lot of good work and it’s completely creative. No one was there to tell us what to do. It would be a shame to show it all in one night and this way we can have multiple times to get the word out and raise money”, said Routzen.

The JamRoom was completely packed as Routzen’s friends and colleagues rolled in to celebrate his creative and philanthropic endeavor. The confined music space has a terrific vibe and has seen the likes of Icona Pop and Blood Orange tear it up in the past. Calendars were selling fast on the night and with plans to expand the reach of the exhibition no doubt much more will be raised for Salt & Air’s cause in the coming months.

Photos by Drew Levin

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